Learn English – What does knob mean in the context of honey and faucet


In the book What If? there is part that the author mentions about the viscosity of fluid:

It's more like pushing your hand through a bathtub full of water than a bathtub full of honey.

And this illustration:

enter image description here

What does knob mean here? Beside the regular meaning of a round gizmo or a door knob, two other meanings are a prominent round hill (AmE), and a penis (slang), neither of which I think fit here. Some results of googling:

  • knob faucet: just the faucet handler
  • knob honey: basically nothing, except a honey dipper with a knob
  • knob fluid: fluid adjusting knob of a spray gun

If the knob here simply means the faucet knob, then I don't understand the whole illustration. What is so special about that kind of knob that he has to ask why the faucet has it?

Neither of them fits the context. So what is the knob?

Best Answer

The knob simply refers to the faucet knob.

The illustration is in the context of a bathtub being filled with honey, with the implication that the honey came out of the faucet when a special knob was turned. Since honey is a terrible thing to take a bath in, the person on the left is asking why such a feature would ever be made available in the first place.

It's meant to be absurd.

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