Learn English – What does “over” mean here


"All assets could be pledged except for pledges over a going concern (gages sur fonds de commerce), Luxembourg law doesn't provide for an all assets security."

Could someone explain this sentence?
What does “over” mean here?
Thank you.

Best Answer

A going concern usually means a business, and, combined with the last clause, it would mean "it is not possible to mortgage the company as a whole, only individual assets". I say 'would' because a) as Janus points out, the comma would then have to be a semicolon and b) the French does not seem to have the same meaning.

But trying to understand legal English with a dictionary rather than a lawyer is like learning to drive from a manual rather than an instructor; it can be done, but is very dangerous. Without the full context, I'm just guessing, and if you included the full context it would probably be a legal question rather than English. The poor translation makes it entirely reasonable to ask somebody who actually knows.