Learn English – What does “someone figures someone” mean


What does "he figures you" mean? I mean in this sentence: "He figures you get more overtime that way, being at a cheaper rate or whatnot."

Best Answer

"Figures" in this case means "to come to a conclusion". It essentially means that the person has used the premises that they have on hand to arrive at an understanding of the facts.

However, the phrase "figures you" is an actual expression that has a different meaning. If someone "figures you", it means they have decided you probably belong to some sort of group. For instance, "I figured you for a Yankees fan, not a Mets fan!", would mean the person thought that you were a fan of the New York Yankees, rather than the New York Mets.

In either case, "figure you" means they have come to some conclusion about you or your actions, but the case given is not the same as the expression "figure you".