Learn English – What does “way” mean in “no way”


Google dictionary shows 18 meanings for way. Among which, we have:

  1. A method, style, or manner of doing something

  2. A person's characteristic or habitual manner of behavior or expression

  3. The typical manner in which something happens or in which someone or something behaves

  4. A specified direction

  5. Used with a verb and adverbial phrase to intensify the force of an action or to denote movement or progress

  6. A particular aspect of something; a respect

  7. A specified condition or state

Which of these is the meaning for the "way" in "no way", the informal term which means absolutely no?

Best Answer

Any of those, since it's short for in no way.

The phrase is simply an emphatic Negative.

If you won't go there in any way, you won't go there at all.

  • A: He'll be mad at you.
  • B: No way.

A thinks that he'll be mad at B, but B denies that; if there is no way in which he'll be mad at B, then he won't be mad at B at all.