Learn English – What English word can be used to describe someone indirectly helping you


For Example, I want to date a girl but can't seem to get to meet her in order to ask her out. Then suddenly we get invited both to a party of a mutual friend who has no idea I want to date the girl. During the party I ask the girl out and she says yes.

So what happened here is that the mutual friend was sort of a wing-man, but he didn't know he was one, so I wouldn't use that word.

There is a word that is sort of the opposite of this one in slang, "Cockblocker", but not exactly.

Can anyone help me find a word for "Reverse Indirect Cockblocker"? I know this is a ridiculous question but I would appreciate help, Thanks :)

Best Answer

A good word for the random event (the party) leading to a positive outcome (she was there and said yes) is serendipity, though that doesn't describe your mutual friend, it describes the role he played.

Full Definition of SERENDIPITY

: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also : an instance of this


They found each other by pure serendipity.

As they leapfrog from South Africa to Singapore in search of local delicacies, the authors prove again and again that serendipity is the traveler's strongest ally: many of their most memorable meals issue from the hands of generous strangers … —Sarah Karnasiewicz, Saveur, June/July 2008