Learn English – What will be the opposite of “teetotalers”


I just come across a word teetotalers that means "A person who never drinks alcohol". What will be the opposite of this word in the same context?

Best Answer

Most of the time I think you want "drinker" - for example "there will be both drinkers and teetotalers at the party" or "keep in mind that not every dinner guest will be a drinker." That just means someone who sometimes drinks - after all a painter doesn't paint 24/7, a writer doesn't write 24/7 etc. If you want something opposite in the sense of "opposite end of the spectrum" then "drunkard" while old fashioned will work. Avoid "alcoholic" because some alcoholics no longer drink at all.

At my house, the phrase Straight Edge gets lots of use - a Straight Edge kid does not use alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, refrains from promiscuous sex, and more. They use "non-Edge" to refer to those who are less abstinent in some way. They also say someone "broke edge" if they drank alcohol or the like.