Learn English – What would the next step in an approval process be after “formally”


When a form is run through an approval process, I want to create statuses for different stages of said approval.

For now, I have the following:

  • Requested (Initial request was submitted)
  • Approved formally (Request has been checked formally, meaning that required data is present and it doesn't contain any formal errors, such as wrong date format, too few characters, etc.)
  • Approved …?
  • Approved financially (The request can be paid for)
  • Resolved (Request has been processed)
  • Closed (Request has been shipped)

What I am missing is a word for the requests content has been checked it makes sense, is correct in the domain and can be implemented/resolved.

I was thinking about "Approved contextually" but that doesn't quite sound as what I want.

Best Answer

I would bump 'Approved formally' into your ? spot and use validated in its place.

This is a pre-existing term in web design - when you submit a form online, it is validated: the page checks you haven't used numbers in your name, that your e-mail address has an @ in it etc. In other words, it just checks for format errors and doesn't evaluate anything beyond that.