Learn English – What’s the word for “ninja’d” in publishing things


I am looking for the word for a situation like this:

Someone is planning to make a big instructional video on how to fold fitted
sheets, but just before finishing the big project, someone else uploads
their own video about the very same thing, which becomes popular. Then
that other popular video has (ninja’d) the other guy.

I’m sure there is a more established word for this than ninja’d, but I
just can’t think of what it is. And I’ve been thinking about this in the
back of my head for quite a while now.

PS: For those who don’t know what ninja’d is, I apologise, it’s just the
best-fitting word for me; per Urban

Best Answer

In publishing, you'd almost certainly want to consider "Scooped"; Securing or creating important original content only to discover that another person has beaten you to the presses.



Here's the actual definition from the OED

"A piece of news published by a newspaper or broadcast by a television or radio station in advance of its rivals. Reporters at the city's three tabloid papers usually compete for scoops."