Learn English – What’s the word for the facial expression over an unexpected disappointment


If your friend says something sarcastic to you unexpectedly when you are talking about something that makes you exited or your innermost feelings and makes you feel stupid. What's the most widely accepted idiom for your facial expression? Does your face falls or your face clouds over? Is there a more appropriate word that describes it?

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(be chagrined)

Feel distressed or humiliated:


From 100 Words for Facial Expressions, by Mark Nichol, on dailywritingtips.com:

  1. Chagrined: humiliated or disappointed

From A Bit of Blue Ribbon, by Sarah Beaumont Kennedy, in Outing, Volume 27, 1896, page 5:

The girl with the parasol nodded, the marvelous blonde with the chagrined face merely turned her head.

From The Netherfield Affair, by Penelope Swan, 2015:

Elizabeth hid a smile as she saw Miss Bingley's chagrined face.

The text emoticon for chagrined is half grin; half grimace:


The emoticon immage:

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