Learn English – What’s the word to describe that I ——— your artwork


When I see a famous writer, I will say, “Hi, I read your book” (or “have read”?).
When I see a movie star, I will say, “Hey, I watched your movie" (or “have watched”?).
So, when I see a artist, what’s the word in: “Hi, I ——— your artwork”?
(Maybe it’s a photo, or a painting or a sculpture.)

Best Answer

If you're wanting to convey something more positive than "have seen", you might try:

I was very impressed with your artwork.

or, more simply:

I was impressed with your artwork.

(This works especially well if the artist happens to be an impressionist painter who appreciates puns.)

You could also try one of these:

I very much enjoyed your artwork.
I quite enjoyed your artwork.

That has more of the "savoring" connotation that you mentioned in your comment.

One more possibility:

I have admired your artwork.

According to NOAD, admire can mean to regard something "with respect or warm approval", or to "look at with pleasure".