Learn English – Why football and rugby clubs use “Racing Club” in their names


There are many sport clubs with the name Racing Club of [town name].

It seems that Racing Club is an old name for clubs of runners. But I don't understand why is it used for football or rugby clubs (even if these sports involve running people). I'm also surprised to find that Racing Club is used in Argentina or France.

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I have found this comment on Answers.Yahoo:

Why do some football clubs like Racing Club and Racing Santander have the word, "Racing" in their names? They were a racing club?

The club’s origins date back more than a century to a meeting that took place at the Buenos Aires Mercado de Hacienda on 25 March 1903. It was there that officials from two of the district’s rival clubs – Foot Ball Club Barracas and Colorados Unidos – sat down to discuss a possible merger. With neither club long established, the decision was taken to put aside their differences and join forces. After a call was made to give the new club “an original, distinctive and appealing” name, one of those present, Germán Vidaillac, showed his fellow officials a French automobile magazine called Racing. There and then, the decision was taken to go with this name, and Racing Club was founded.