Learn English – Why so many curses have religious references


In particular those of surprise or anger. For example

Bloody hell,
Oh my god,
God dammit,
Holy crap,
Jesus Christ,
F*#king hell,

Best Answer

Wow, that's an intriguing question, and I'll wager no one really knows the answer. But here's my two cents...

Surprise (especially shock) and anger are extreme emotions, so it's probably natural for people to reach for extremes in expressing their feelings.

But why not say "Universe damnit," or "Holy volcano"?

I suspect it has something to do with the fact that volcanoes and galaxies are very remote, while one's god is a more personal thing.

It's interesting that the Bible prohibits people from taking God's name "in vain," so this custom is obviously very old. It would be interesting to know if people who follow other religions make similarly "blasphemous" statements.

Anyway, what I wrote above is a personal theory, rather than a qualified answer. I suspect one would have to dive into psychology, theology and linguistics to find an answer.