Learn English – Word for a Person Skilled in Handicraft


I'm looking for a term to describe a person who is skilled in handicraft. Specifically, I have a friend who leaves me amazed with every drawing, painting, fimo figure, friendship bracelet, sculpture, model of the Millennium Falcon in a bottle or anything else conjured by her own fingers, and I'm looking for a term to describe this aspect of her.
I don't really like "craftswoman". The closest I got is "artisan", but I'm looking for more options to see if there's something that fits better.

Best Answer

Handicraftsman (as specific as it gets)

A worker skilled in making objects by hand [OD]

Note: If one is too concerned with gender specific terms, there is handicraftswoman also. But handicraftsman is used for both genders.

There is also handicrafter if you do not want to mention man or woman.