Learn English – word for “enabled-ness”?


I have a feature of a device that I can enable or disable. When this state changes (from enabled to disabled, or disabled to enabled), an alert is sent to me. However, if a change is attempted that does not end up changing the state (from enabled to enabled, or disabled to disabled), an alert is not sent to me.

I am alerted if and only if the ________ of the feature changes.

Is there a single word that will fit in this blank? It should be specific to the "enabled/disabled" state, and not, for instance, the "togglable", "loading", etc. states.

Note that this is not indicative of whether or not it can be enabled, but rather whether the specific state of being enabled has changed. For instance, "state" is too general, since everything in this product and its features either is or has a state of some sort. I want this to specifically refer to the state of being enabled or disabled.

Best Answer

Try - polarity

the particular state either positive or negative (with reference to the two poles or to electrification)

diametrical opposition, also an instance of such opposition

So, the feature can be initially in a positive/negative state (called polarity) and after a change in polarity, it goes to a state that is diametrically opposite, as defined in the blocks.