Learn English – word for human litter-mates


If my brother and I shared a womb during gestation (as humans) we're twins. If there was another sibling in there we're triplets.. and so on, but is there a general term to describe us irrespective of how many of us there were?

I know we're siblings, but I'm curious if there's a word analogous to siblings that refers specifically to members of a single human litter.

For that matter is there an alternate word for a human litter? Or is it correct to refer to triplets as a litter?

Best Answer

Siblings from a multiple birth are called multiples. Three or more offspring from the same birth are called higher-order multiples. For describing specific numbers of offspring, the terms are singlets (1), twins (2), triplets (3), quadruplets (4), quintuplets (5), sextuplets (6), septuplets (7), and octuplets (8). (Multiples higher than this are almost impossible for humans.)