Learn English – Word for someone who wins a given round of a tournament


I am looking for a word that means "the winner of a given round of a tournament" that is not ambiguous with the winner of the entire tournament. Does anyone know of such a word?

Best Answer

In some sports, where there is an elimination tournament, for example basketball, the game between the two undefeated teams are called the "finals", and the two teams competing in the finals are called the "finalists'. The contests won by the finalists were the "semi finals", and the teams playing in these games are called the semi-finalists. And the games played to determine who would compete in the semi-final games are (in this scheme) called the "quarter-finals", and the teams playing in these games are the "quarterfinalists". There are not names in common use for the teams playing in the quarter final games. In Golf, where the tournament is a bit differently laid out, these terms are not use. My understanding that in Golf, There is a large group of players on the first two days of the tournament, of whom half of those players will "qualify" to advance to the final two days of the tournament. Those who do not play well enough to play on the final two days of the tournament did not "make the cut", and those who did, are "qualifiers".