Learn English – word for the action of lifting the mouse to go further


Using a computer mouse to point to a far away target and running out of table surface (or hand range), one typically lifts the mouse, moves it in the opposite direction, puts it back down, and continues the movement.

Is there an English word or expression for this action? If not, how would you concisely refer to it in a text? (I thought of rowing or scraping with the mouse.)

Best Answer

Lifting the mouse is perfectly adequate, and is used in the business to describe this exact action. For example, take this excerpt from a magazine review of a mouse:

The ability to tweak lift-off distance is great; we like to lift our mouse a lot, so by setting the M60 to not track at any height, we ended up with solid mousing.

There's also a page by a mouse manufacturer about the related jargon lift-off distance.

It is specific enough because it's about the only reason to lift the mouse.