Learn English – Word or idiom for a small group of birds


Looking up online, I realized there are quite a few different words for groups of birds. For pigeons, a group would be a flock or a flight, while for falcons you would have a cast of falcons.

But, what about nouns that give some information on the number of birds? Is there, for instance, a word signifying a small group of pigeons? Or just a small group of birds.

Best Answer

The word I would use is covey. As the following citation shows, covey can be used as a word for a small group of birds: Oxford Living Dictionaries

a small flock of birds, especially partridge.

The same source gives many example sentences using coveys, meaning small flocks of birds, of which the following is one:

...both species form coveys, which are flocks of 4-6 fused family groups.