Learn English – word to describe a compulsion to eat a particular food, or the food item itself


A recent conversation I had went along the lines of:

Me: You don't need to have [food X] every day. We can eat something else instead.

Family member: Yes, I do.

Is there a word to describe either such a deeply felt conviction related to food on which the individual is fixated? It is not a physical compulsion, but an held conviction "I must do this" with no particular basis in fact.

If there is no such word for that, is there a word for the specific food on which the person is fixated? It's not a "craving" in the traditional sense.

Best Answer

There is no single word for this.

If it's a need, but more emotional than either a physical craving or intellectual reasoning, then it might be termed a food fetish.


1 b : an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion : PREPOSESSION