Learn English – “You and me against the world” vs “You and I against the world”


I have heard the first sentence in a song and there are also other songs that go something like "Me against the world" and "Me against the music". Shouldn't it be "You and I against…" since the phrase "You and I" is the subject? Or is it not?

Best Answer

"Me against the world" is not a sentence as it has no verb.

"It was me against the world" is, and to me personally would be fine, though perhaps not to some prescriptive grammarians. "I am against the world" is also fine.

Extending this, I would therefore also be happy with both "It was you and me against the world" and "You and I were against the world".

So shortening each in a song to either "You and me against the world" or "You and I against the world" would raise no complaints from me, especially since there should always be some artistic licence in such cases.

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