Learn English – “Your interview with him.” Who is the interviewer


You write something like this:

I'm interested in your interview with Barack Obama.

Most people would take this to mean that it was Obama who was the interviewee (the one answering questions). However, couldn't it technically have been the other way round, i.e. that Obama was the interviewer?

Best Answer

There is ambiguity in the construction "interview with".

Many English verbs participate in constructions along with prepositions or adverbs, and those are an important component of the meaning. With in this case simply means that both parties were participants in the interview. It does not further specify who is the interviewer and who is the interviewee.

If it were important to specify - for example, if it were not clear from context - you could use other prepositions.

If you were the interviewer:

Your interview of Barack Obama.

If you were the interviewee:

Your interview by Barack Obama.

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