Diablo – the most profitable farm spot or area in Inferno



  • Do you need a certain quest?
  • Do you need a high amount of magic find, defense or damage?
  • Do you need a group to maximize profit or is it soloable?


  • How to get there, how random is the spawn (if any)?
  • How do you deal with the monsters at that place?
  • Are there situations where you cancel that run?
  • Any tips on how to make the most out of that run?


  • What is the loot quality, quantity and expected profit?

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Best Answer

Replenished Chest in Act III - The Keep Depths Level 1 (Nerfed)

Replenished Chest in Act III - The Keep Depths Level 1

This spot no longer exists as of June 9 2012, its a normal chest now.


You will need a high amount of magic find, and gear to kill at least normal monsters in Act III. Doing it as group (parallel searching) will increase profit dramatically because you will find the spot much faster.


Set your checkpoint at The Keep Depth Level 2 entrance and go back to level 1. Run straight south east until you reach the chest above the first lava ground. The chance to get a chest is at about 20%, I guess. You will detect, that all other dungeon setups except that with the chest spawn can be skipped immediately. If you find elite mobs, kite them into that door in the north, and call your group in after securing the area. There are some strong spawns, like those dogs monsters (Soul Ripper) which have crazy speed, range and damage output, you might want to skip those. After you opened the chest, there will spawn monsters. Use area stuns to loot and run away with your full magic find gear.


With 200% magic find I get about one rare drop per chest with high (Act III) item level. Profit is really dependent on your luck with item stats.