List of all the required spirits I need to progress in World of Light


My inventory now has a ton of spirits, and a lot of these are duplicates in terms of abilities. For example, I have numerous Punch Attack ↑ support spirits, and I can see the value in stacking them, but for spirits like Immune to Poison/Lava/Sleep it seems pointless to bother hoarding multiple of the same.

That said, there seems to be a required list of spirits I need? to progress through World of Light. As of 75% right now, I've cleared most but not all, and still have a few obscured sections. I'd like to know which spirits are required to progress in the story so I can get rid of duplicates that aren't those spirits.

At least from what I can tell so far, I need:

  • Bomberman, for rock demolition
  • Cyrus & Reese, for bridge building
  • Lapras, for the water surfing section SE
  • Kapp'n, for the boat/lake section SW
  • Hal Emmerich, to get into the bunker SW
  • Pico, for the F-Zero racing circuit
  • Bus Dude (can't find the name), for the Bus route between the Town W and the city center

Do I need any more?

Best Answer

You need Kamek,Viridi, or Kammy Koopa to make mushrooms grow. The mushrooms are west from the starting point. You also need the Great Zapfish to restore the power plant. Alfonzo & Engineer Link will be needed to start a train. You need Viridi to grow a magic bean sprout. You will need Slippy toad to be a pilot. That's all I know.