Lost 12 hours of progress; did I permanently kill the woman who Channels Blood Echoes into stat upgrades


I was reading about NPC's that you can permanently kill – some you want to, some you might not want to. Included on that list was the woman in the Hunter's Dream.

Me and a friend have been playing together; and with the controller on its own on the sofa, the dog knocked it and hit the trigger and killed the Channel Blood Echoes woman 😐

I didn't know whether she'd be dead forever – our current stats therefore locked in – so I pulled the power out of the PS4.

When I loaded the game back up, it said Save data corrupted and the Continue option had gone, leaving only New game.

Checking the PS+ Online Storage, I found a saved game from a few days ago, but I've now lost 12 hours of progress…. lol!

I'll replay it all, but I'm left wondering whether I pulled the power cord in vain, or not? 😛

Best Answer

Your source of information is incorrect she can be killed but she ressurects when you reenter the Hunter's Dream.

So to answer your question, yes you pulled the plug in vain as currently there's no known way of permanently killing the doll.