Minecraft – How to get “normal” spawning behavior after installing Spigot


My brother in law is running a small server for a few of us to play on. He recently installed Spigot so that we could have a Dynamic Map. However, after he did that, I noticed that spawning behavior (among other things) has changed. I have two questions:

  1. Why does Spigot default to changing spawning behavior? Why not leave it vanilla and have the option to change?

  2. What are the best settings in the bukkit.yml file that will most closely mimic vanilla spawning? He and I have worked on it, and we've gotten hostile spawns close to normal – they're still a bit high, but better than before when they were maxing out at about 30. Passive mobs, however, are spawning in huge numbers compared to normal – I feel like I'm playing Beta where you can spawn passives just by lighting up grass at night!

Best Answer

The first thing to remember is that Spigot's entire reason for existence is to increase the normal server performance. With this being the main intent server managers would have when installing Spigot the default settings are set to a base "improved" performance level.

To bring your server back to "vanilla like" mob spawning you need to adjust two files.

  1. In your Spigot.yml file (in your server root directory) you should check to ensure that the mob-spawn-range is set to 4 (chunks).

    mob-spawn-range: 4

    You can disable experience orb and item grouping by setting the merge-radius to zero.

    merge-radius: exp: 0 item: 0

    At the bottom of thsi file you can adjust most of these settings on a per world basis. If you want all worlds to use the same setting you can just remove the entire separate world groupings and just leave the default grouping.

  2. In your Bukkit.yml file (in your server root directory) you need to ensure that the spawn-limits for each type are set as follows:

    spawn-limits: monsters: 70 animals: 10 ambient: 15 water-animals: 5

    Also within this file you will want to check your ticks-per setting to make sure it is set to 1 for hostiles and 400 for animals (all others).

    ticks-per: animal-spawns: 400 monster-spawns: 1