Minecraft – vanilla block like Air that wont be affected by “copy Air” being turned off in MC Edit


Sometimes when i start a new world i will Import a building i made in a superflat world into my new world using MC Edit. this building is actually a really big compound with an item sorter and a house which i can overtime furnish with stuff i make.

the one problem with this however is that because the world is superflat the compound is devoid of trees, some natural terrain features, grass blocks (not the dirt blocks with grass onto, the grass block which you destroy for seeds).

this can be overcomed by importing my building with the "Copy Air" option turned off but then i run the risk of trees, dirt, stone and what not getting inside and possibly obstructing my doors.

I am wondering if there is a block in Vanilia Minecraft which can act similar to air which i could walk and see though but in MC Edit isn't considered as air as such when "Copy Air" is turned off it'll still replace any blocks it's copied over

Best Answer

The structure_void block best matches the description for what you want. It is invisible and walk-through, though it does show a small black outline when hovered over:

Structure void outline

You can give yourself this block with:

/give @p structure_void

As an alternative, tripwire is an almost invisible block:

Tripwire hook

It can be placed with string.