Ny benefit to leveling a spirit before dismissing


I've got duplicates of a few spirits. Is there any reason to level them up before dismissing them? What about the spirits that can be enhanced at level 99? Is there a difference between dismissing an enhanced version over a normal version?

Best Answer

Yes, there is a benefit to leveling a spirit before dismissing them. Higher level spirits yield more SP when dismissed.

SP for level 1 primary spirits

  1. Novice
    100 SP
  2. Advanced
    200 SP
  3. Ace
    400 SP
  4. Legendary
    800 SP

SP for level 99 primary spirits

  1. Novice
      500 SP
  2. Advanced
    1000 SP
  3. Ace
    2000 SP
  4. Legendary
    4000 SP

The above list is valid for all primary spirits, regardless of their Type (Red, Blue, Green), Power, Skill, Support Slots, or whether they can be enhanced or are already enhanced.

Since enhanced spirits normally have a higher star rating than their base version, enhancing them may increase the amount of SP gained when dismissing them, assuming you intend to level up the enhanced version, that is.

Keep in mind that feeding snacks to spirits costs SP. It costs 8 SP per 250 experience points, and the amount of experience needed to level up increases with their level and rating. Using Snacks to increase a spirit's level before dismissing it may therefore diminish your returns, or even incur losses.

Not part of the question, but for completeness:

SP for support spirits:

  1. Novice
    1. 100 SP for 1 slot
    2. 100 SP for 2 slots (this is not a mistake)
  2. Advanced
    1. 200 SP for 1 slot
    2. 250 SP for 2 slots
  3. Ace
    1. 400 SP for 1 slot
    2. 500 SP for 2 slots
    3. 600 SP for 3 slots
  4. Legendary
    1.   800 SP for 1 slot
    2. 1000 SP for 2 slots
    3. 1200 SP for 3 slots

Since I couldn't find any 3-slotted Novice or Advanced support spirits, this list may be incomplete