Pokemon-go – After trading pokémon, what is the range of new IVs


Niantic says that after a trade, the pokémon's IVs will be rerolled. The new values will be within a range of the old IVs, and the friendship level will affect the final IVs.

Is there anything specifically known about how the IVs will end up in the range?

Best Answer

According to this Silphroad thread on Reddit people there are quite confident that there are IV floors that increase based on friend level. So good friends have minimum IV of 1/1/1, great friends - 2/2/2, ultra friends - 3/3/3 and best friends 5/5/5.

On IV ceiling the debate seems to be still open. Some threads suggest there is none and you could (with a low probability) get a 15/15/15 (100%) from something that was initially lower. Some threads like this suggest that the upper ceiling is the current IVs of that Pokemon.