Steam – Does Steam transfer offline save files from one device to another? (specifically Undertale)


My brother and I are soon going to be getting a Steam account so that we can get Undertale. The idea we have in mind is that we each install the same Steam account onto our respective PCs, but I'm not sure whether Steam will transfer the save files. I've heard that the game remembers previous runs, and I want it to be fresh for both of us (that, and it only allows one save at a time, so it would be really annoying for us to have to take turns with save files like that). I'm guessing that, since Undertale is offline and has no achievements, Steam won't keep track of and/or transfer the files like that, but I just want to be sure.

Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

There are basically 3 way that games on Steam can track your progress between PCs.

Steam Cloud

Steam Cloud store-page indicator
If a game has been made to use this feature, Steam games can store their saves to Steam's save cloud. Steam will then make sure that the use will have their save data remain in sync between different PCs. You can see if a game uses Steam Cloud by checking its store page, or your Library in List View mode if you already own the game.
Undertale does use Steam Cloud, despite the feature not appearing on the store page.

Steam Achievements/Leaderboards

Steam Achievements store-page indicator
This is quite rare, but some games use Steam Achievements or Leaderboards to track how far you've made into the game. There are only a few cases where this is even viable, but I know at least one example that opts to use this in stead of other syncing methods.

Third Party Storage

Most often seen on online-only games, like MMOs, some games track your progress by tying it to an external account. You'll have to log into this account separately, because this is the only way for the third party server to identify you. Although it may be possible that they could identify you with your Steam account, using your Steam account as a log-in substitute.