Steam – How to get Steam to recognise previous game files from The Witcher 3


Well, I didn't know that I could use the backup tool in Steam and I didn't use it before reseting my Windows. I don't want to download The Witcher 3, neither lose my saved games, but I couldn't get Steam to recognize the files I copied from the folder /Steamapps/Common. I copied the folder back there and clicked in Intall, although it started downloading a new game. I really don't wanna download all 50GB of game again, considering I have a 10MB internet 🙁 Anyone can help?

Best Answer

You can declare your old steam folder as a library. This should immediately make Witcher 3 playable again after a quick data integrity check.

Go to the Settings - Downloads. Click Steam Library Folders, then select your old steam folder(s).

I reinstalled Windows just a week ago. Set my old steam folder as a library and all my games worked again.