Steam – Restoring TF2 from “steamapps/common/Team fortress 2”


I spent a month downloading this game and now i lost the backup, I'm left with only the content of the folder mentioned above (hl2.exe etc) is there anyway i can restore this without spending another month of downloading :( :?

I already put it back to common/ folder but steam doesn't recognize it!

when i go into store i get this:
Team Fortress 2 is already in your Steam library"

NVM, fixed, how can i delete this :?

Best Answer

It's hard to say what fixed my problem, but all i did was to close steam, recheck the folder, wait a few seconds, open it again and go to store and find out that it says (already in your library, click here to play) while i saw this there was no tf2 in my game library, it took a few seconds of installing then it showed me that i must download 3GB and I put it to schedule for tonight :) the backup I had is pretty old (when the hooks were just added) so I'm guessing that might be the cause, or just some files can't be moves like that!

Summary: 1. close steam 2. paste your Team Fortress 2 folder to steam/steamapps/common/ 3. open it and search for your game on store and click play! it will install it again ( if it's not there re open steam after a few seconds )