The most efficient way to farm Carpenterbugs


I got all the rest of the ingredients needed to upgrade my axe, but I'm still short by 7 Carpenterbugs. What is the most efficient way to farm these? What map should I do it on, and what route should I take to hit all the potential bug patches with a high chance to get Carpenterbugs?

Best Answer

Carpenterbugs can be found in a variety of places. The Tundra and Flooded Forest areas possess them, but the earliest you can encounter them is in the Moga Woods. Be sure to equip good gathering equipment (the starting Leather set isn't bad) as well as food buffs and head to Area 4 (the Giggi cave). Off to the side, there's an alcove with Felynxes and Melynxes. There's a bug gathering spot in the center where you can find Carpenterbugs. I've personally gathered at least 1 Carpenterbug each time when decked out properly and have received upwards of 4 in one run.