What situations trigger the Master Sword’s special power


The master sword glows and does double damage in certain situations, but I'm not clear on what situations trigger it – it sounded like anything "calamity-related," but I'm not clear on what that means

It definitely glows when I face full-size guardians, but I'm not sure what else triggers it? Does it work against the calamity infested dragons, like the one on the icy mountain?

And does it need an enemy to activate it, or will the presence of "calamity goop" make it glow if you're fighting "normal" enemies nearby?

Best Answer

I know the following situations activate it:

  • Being anywhere inside Hyrule Castle or a Divine Beast
  • Fighting any of the full-size guardians (fighting the smaller scouts inside shrines will not activate it)

I know that "calamity goop" does not activate it.