Xbox – use Home Gold on one Xbox and Live Gold on another


Xbox Live Home Gold lets you set one Xbox One as your home Xbox, so that anybody logged into it, whether or not they have Gold themselves, can have your Gold privileges. Is it possible to set my One as the home machine, log in two non-Gold users, then log in on another Xbox with my Gold account, so that all three of us get Gold privileges with only my account? What if the second (non-home) Xbox is a 360?

Best Answer

The Answer is no. Microsoft doesn't allow you to sign into a gold account on two Xbox at the same time to play games.

The Home Gold counts as you being logged in to that console. Note they can use netflix and you can use multiplayer. But even then i have to be signed for any gold stuff to work for my wife. She has her own account that has apps but signs in as me and then continues to sign in as her. When i play defiance i have to resign in to the ONe after i finish to play Titanfall.

Home xbox is more about you having access to your downloaded games and saves, not sharing your gold for others