Xbox – Where is the Brotherhood of Steel’s missing laser pistol


I have the unmarked side quest where I need to find a laser pistol in Scorpion Gulch. I have gotten tips where they say it's near a dead body, and I remember finding that body and looting it but I can't find the body again (possibly it vanished since I looted it completely?) Are there any tips on where to find this gun?

(PS. I would check the wiki if I had a chance to get on it, but I have no pc that is allowed on there.)

Best Answer

The pistol is not on the corpse, but on a rock near it. Quoting directly from the wiki:

Approaching the gulch on foot doesn't take that long, and you should come across a rock with a Dead Prospector leaning against it. Go east-southeast from here into a small valley. Pick up the missing laser pistol sitting on top of the rock in the center (be aware that picking it up often causes 6 or more Bark scorpion hunters and a Giant radscorpion to appear even if you have cleared out the area) and return it to the quartermaster for a reward.