MATLAB: 2010 won’t activate

2010activatebroken link

My student copy of 2010 won't activate. (I had to move it to a new computer.) Everytime it goes to activate, it says it cannot connect to the server. If you hit the "help" on the installer, it comes back to a broken link on the Mathworks site. Am I going to have to buy another copy?

Best Answer

  • Figured it out. I went to the website and logged in. Then went to view my products. From there, I found a tab to activate a new computer and download a license. The missing trick is what to do with the license -- the website says to use the installer program and to click on a non-existent "off-line" activation button. Instead, I went to the directory where it was installed (which isn't exactly the one the website says it should be -- it was in the 32 bit directory instead). Then I just copied the license into the "license" directory under Matlab. It ran perfectly.