MATLAB: 2D histogram for field distribution

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I have a problem with the 2d histogram attach file. I have the coordinates (x,y) of a lot of soccer players and i want to know their field distribution and how many times each palyer is in each "N" bens of the field. Using the 2d histogram code, i have a quetions?
– table size: 120m x 90m (same of soccer field) – bens size: 1m2 – N bens= 10800

Best Answer

  • I said to use hist3:
    fontSize = 20;
    numberOfPeopleOnField = 1000;
    % Make up some X coordinates for numberOfPeopleOnField people.
    x = 120 * rand(numberOfPeopleOnField, 1);
    % Make up some Y coordinates for numberOfPeopleOnField people.
    y = 90 * rand(numberOfPeopleOnField, 1);
    xy = [x, y];
    hist3(xy,[120, 90])
    xlabel('X', 'FontSize', fontSize);
    ylabel('Y', 'FontSize', fontSize);
    zlabel('Count (# of People)', 'FontSize', fontSize);