MATLAB: 3 equations with 3 angle variables Cannot find explicit solution.

3 equations3 variablescan not find explicit solutionMATLABsimultaneous equations

Hello i am trying to solve for the 3 variables t1,t2,t3
x =(cos(t1)*(4*cos(t2 + t3) + 60*sin(t2 + t3) + 49*cos(t2) + 19))/200
y =(sin(t1)*(4*cos(t2 + t3) + 60*sin(t2 + t3) + 49*cos(t2) + 19))/200
z =(49*sin(t2))/200 - (226^(1/2)*cos(t2 + t3 + atan(1/15)))/50 + 7/20
with x=0,y=0.725,z=0.37
I have tried to put a few codes in such as….
syms t1 t2 t3
[solt1, solt2 , solt3] = solve([x == 0, y == 0.725,z==0.37 ], 2*pi>t1, t1>0, 2*pi>t2, t2>0, 2*pi>t3, t3>0,[t1,t2,t3])
I also tried
Srange = solve(eqn1, eqn2,eqn3, 2*pi>t1, t1>0, 2*pi>t2, t2>0, 2*pi>t3, t3>0, 'ReturnConditions', true);
scatter(Srange.t1, Srange.t2, Srange.t3)
Can anyone please help?? it seems like its suppose to be a really easy thing to do in mathcad, but for some reason i am having trouble getting mathcad to actually do the simplest things, THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP

Best Answer

  • That looks like you have some kind of 3D rotation with skew of some particular point and you are trying to determine the set of angles that map the point to a particular resulting location.
    If that is the case, the difficulty is that the solution is not unique, and using solve() to find the solution is either going to quit or take a long time trying to find all of the possibilities.