MATLAB: 90 degree phase shift

90 degree phase shiftvary phase

I am using the vary phase of signal during simulation (, when I open the MATLAB command, the example shown works with the phase varying 180 degree. But when I change the simulink control signal into 90 degree, the output becomes into a straight line rather than 90 degree phase shift.
I was wondering if someone knows how to fix this problem or some other ways of doing the 90 degree phase shift.

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  • Updated answer:
    The problem is with the way "Outport" and "Configuration" blocks are used here. For example, change the Output parameter of the "Outport" block to Magnitude and Angle mode, and connect both output ports to the scope. Then you can track both the changes in magnitudes and angles of the signal. Also, on the "Configuration" block, make sure to uncheck the noise parameter.
    Hope this helps.