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prime numbers

hey ! for my code below, I think I avoid "1" for prime number, but it seems like the output still show 1 as an prime number. How should I fix it? Like if you print out [1 3 4 88 5 ], it only returns 3, 5 but here it returns 1,3,5. Can someone help to fix?
function primeVec = vecOfPrimes(vec)
k = 1;
for i=1:length(vec)
n = vec(i);
flag = 1;
for j=2:sqrt(n)
if mod(n, j) == 0
flag = 0;
if flag == 1
primeVec(k) = n;
k = k + 1;

Best Answer

  • The reason is that if an element of vec is equal to 1, then
    for j=2:sqrt(n)
    for j=2:1
    so that for loop is never entered, and you do not flip flag to zero.
    You might need to consider 1 as a special case.