MATLAB: Add n by n matrix that is in a for loop and get the same size

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I have a matrix A that depends on different conditons. I was able to get the output of the diffrent A matrix by calling A(n) now i want to get the result of each A matrix and add them. Since the variable is the same name I keep getting a different size matrix but I want to add the different values of A to get one matrix of the same size.
A = Z_bar* thickness % for different Z values i get a different A
so i should essentially add A+A+A but for the different values generated to get one matrix A_total
for my example the matrix is a 3×3 matrix

Best Answer

  • Just add a dimension to A, then:
    A(:,:,1)= %3x3 matrix
    A(:,:,2)= %3x3 matrix ...