MATLAB: Adjusting x and y-axis values on heat-map so they are legible

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Hello all!
I just made a heat-map of some data and there are so many values on the x and y axes that its hard to make out the individual numbers. Is there a way I can skip some rows so that only every fifth number or so is visible?
I have a screenshot of my graph attached as well as my original csv file, and my code for the heat-map is right here:
m = csvread('steps.csv');
cdata = m(:,102:end);
h = heatmap(cdata, 'ColorMap', parula);
title('Time to Equilibrium from Various Initial Points');
xlabel('Active Ants on Task 1');
ylabel('S Value');

Best Answer

  • You can pass in the xvalues and yvalues parameters, giving them as a cell array of strings, in which most of the strings were empty.