MATLAB: ALSA lib pcm Error


I am having trouble playing sound with MATLAB R2015a on Linux/XUbuntu 15.04. When executing
load handel;
for instance, the terminal throws the errors shown in the attachement. A colleague of mine is facing the same issues on an XUbuntu machine.
I use an external class complient USB sound interface (Lexicon Alpha) which is the system's default sound device.
What to do?

Best Answer

  • Try increasing the value of the latency that the audio device runs at. To do this, execute the following steps :
    1. Navigate to $MATLABROOT/toolbox/matlab/audiovideo/@audioplayer/ and open audioplayer.m for editing.
    2. Increase the value of DesiredLatency (on line 147) to something like 0.1
    3. Save the file and retry playing the audio files from MATLAB