MATLAB: APP DESIGNER 2016a: Sending variables into an App from a script/function

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I'm working from a non-app function that is constantly collecting data through the serial port. I want MATLAB to take some of this data and display it using the gauges in App Designer while it is updating in real-time.
Is this possible? Would I want to (1) call the App from an outside function where the serial data is being collected or (2) do I want to do all of the serial collection in the App?
I don't have any experience using the App designer at all, would someone be able to point me toward some example code? I can't find any outside of this Answers forum.
Cheers, Akash

Best Answer

  • I would have the app call the function that collects the serial data. The serial data collection should be completely independent of the app so that you can test it and drive it without the app. The app should call this function, get whatever data it needs from it and update its own gauges.