MATLAB: Are the inequality expressions not evaluated correctly

logical expressionmisplaced parenthesis

My code is: grid is just a 5×6 matrix, so is visited.
neighbor=[3 4]
if((neighbor(1)>0) && (neighbor(1)<size(grid,1)+1) && (neighbor(2)>0) && (neighbor(2)<size(grid,2)+1) && (visited(neighbor(1),neighbor(2)==-1)))
Matlab gives the following error: Operands to the and && operators must be convertible to logical scalar values.
What's going wrong? I tried to debug step by step but could not figure out the mistake.

Best Answer

  • Perhaps you meant:
    if((neighbor(1)>0) && (neighbor(1)<size(grid,1)+1) && (neighbor(2)>0) && (neighbor(2)<size(grid,2)+1) && (visited(neighbor(1),neighbor(2))==-1))