MATLAB: Asign data with index or something…


Hi, I have the following inputs:
data =
0.91 0.63 0.10
And I want to replace the following row in matrix: row 3, coll 7 by 0.81 instead of 0
row 7, coll 2 by 0.63 instead of 0
row 10, coll 3 by 0.1 instead of 0
Any idea?
PS: wihtout loop and the real matrix a much more biger and it need to be dynamic the answer.
Thank you!

Best Answer

  • You've defined matrix to be a 3x3 but want to reference the 7th and 10th row. How big should it be?
    If you just want it to be "big enough"
    M = zeros(max(row),max(col));
    M(sub2ind(size(M),row,col)) = data