MATLAB: Best way to include mesh plot in latex

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hi there, As the subject suggests, I really am not sure on whats the best way to import a mesh plot generated in matlab to latex. For regular 2D plots I use matlab2tikz and I am pretty happy about that. For the mesh plot I have tried the matlab2tikz method but it produces a very large file and latex ends up giving me an error about running out of memory. The other methods which I have not tried are the ones where one converts a mesh to a U3D pdf. But this is a pdf object that one can interact with and I dont really need the viewers of my pdf to be able to do that. Also I have tried rasterising the mesh and including the png but that looks pretty bad. I just want to be able to include one view of the mesh but I want it to look as good as the vector graphics that matlab2tikz generates. If there are any other ways please let me know.
thank you for your time

Best Answer

  • Here's what I do: I export the figure with export_fig ( into a pdf, then I embed it into my document using the graphicx package, then I compile it using pdflatex. I think that export to eps + latex also works, but that's not what I do.
    If you do that, what remains to be wanted?