MATLAB: Boost converter modeling in simulink

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Hi everyone, i am trying to model the current mode control of boost converter(closed loop)in simulink in Continuous when i try to feedback the current output from inductor as reference to compare with the error i see a algebraic loop error saying that your model is ill defined.can anyone help me out with this? thanks in advance.

Best Answer

  • Hi Vishnu,
    I see that you have met with an algebraic loop in your Simulink Model.
    To eliminate this message, you can do the following: Configuration Parameters(Ctrl+E) --> Diagnostics --> Algebraic Loop --> choose noe from the drop-down.
    However, as the error message points out, it is not a good practice to have Algebraic Loops in your model.
    Therefore I suggest you to go through the following solution by MathWorks Support Team:
    This solution gives a clear understanding of Algebraic loops, and it also sheds light on resolving them with better practices for modelling.