MATLAB: Bwconncomp returns a variable with 4 fields. one of them is pixelIdxlist. it contains the connected component can we extract each component and show in different images.

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in my code pixelIdx has 4 components:
PixelIdxList: {[866x1 double] [628x1 double] [1092x1 double] [4x1 double]}
how can I store each component in a different image so that it can b processed further..
can anyone plz help me to write the code for this..

Best Answer

  • You can use the regionprops function with 'Image' as the requested statistic and pass the output of bwconncomp to it. Your code would look like this:
    BW = imread('text.png');
    CC = bwconncomp(BW);
    stats = regionprops(CC,'Image');
    %Display the first component as an image
    Note that you can instead directly call regionprops on the binary image BW. regionprops will internally invoke bwconncomp for you.
    stats = regionprops(BW,'Image');