MATLAB: Calculating a seperated sum from a vector.

for loop

Hello everybody.
A=[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10] % not a fixed size, can be build with n*5
How can I build the sum of five numbers? I know how to do it, when the length of the vector is fixed:
Can you help me putting this operation into a for loop, so that I can do it on every size of the vector?

Best Answer

  • If you want to sum consecutive blocks of elements, no explicit looop is necessary. You can just use the reshape (link) function, then do the summation.
    N = 12; % Create Vector Length
    A = 1:N; % Create Data
    len = 5; % Number OF Elements To Sum In Each Segment
    You did not say how you wanted to handle elements that were not part of a segment equal to 5, so here are two possibilities:
    mtx = reshape(A(1:len*fix(numel(A)/len)), len, []); % Discard Elements > Multiple Of ‘len’
    mtx = reshape([A(:);zeros(len*ceil(numel(A)/len)-numel(A),1)], len, []); % Zero-Pad Elements > Multiple Of ‘len’
    then the summation is simply:
    s = sum(mtx);
    You can put the ‘mtx’ assignments within the sum argument to create a single line of code. I created ‘mtx’ separately for convenience here.
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